Tops in Blue Retire for Good

After more than 60 years of service the world famous Tops in Blue are no more. Founded in 1953 the Tops played in more than 20 countries for our Troops. With tightening budgets in every department many people felt the Tops were a luxury the government could no longer afford. Whatever the reasons behind the decision the sad news is that the Tops have been permanently retired to the history books.

The Tops comprised of over 35 active duty airmen who performed a range of songs, dance, music and comedy for service members and their families both in the US and overseas.

Based at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, the troop has been in limbo since the 2016 tour was abruptly cancelled.

The official announcement came on the official Facebook page much to the disappointment of many young fans who looked forward to the performances while stuck in remote bases for weeks or months at a time.

Many argued that the Tops were worth the cost as they were morale boosting however others argued the money would be better spent elsewhere. Ultimately that argument won the day.

According to the Air Force Times, the Air Force budgeted at least $1.3 million for the program in 2015, the group’s last tour year.

“Saddened to see Tops in Blue has come to an end,” one fan posted on the Tops in Blue Facebook page. “We thoroughly enjoyed the performances we were able to attend. Thank you Air Force!”

So the Tops are gone but never forgotten. Thanks to modern day technology we can relive many of their performances on sites such as YouTube and this one too. Maybe one day the Tops will be resurrected but in the mean time we will have to enjoy the memories.