Earning enough money to survive

So in the light of budget cuts putting an end to a fabulous tradition in the form of the Tops in Blue I started looking at my own finances and to see if I needed to make any cuts. Well the answer was yes, I am spending more than I earn and that can’t continue forever so something has to give eventually, either that or I start making more money.

As I didn’t want to give up any of my hobbies I decided to get another hobby that didn’t cost me money but made me money. I was introduced to matched betting by a close friend and haven’t looked back since I started. He sent me a link to a site called Profit accumulator¬†which taught me a lot of the skills I know and love today.

Bonus bagging also known as matched betting is a risk free form of gambling but I suppose it isn’t gambling when you can’t lose and there is no risk. I wasn’t interested in gambling as that is a mugs game. I wanted to walk away with money from my hobby and fortunately I have been able to do that.

There is no secret to this technique. At first it sounds like a scam but you aren’t giving your money away to anyone so how can it be a scam. You need to place bets with big name bookmakers like William Hill and Ladbrokes. In order to make it risk free we are laying these bets off at a betting exchange. We do this to unlock free bet bonuses from the bookmakers.

Nearly every bookmaker out there, and there are a lot, will give you a free bet when you sign up and place your first bet. So we do just that. We sign up and place a bet BUT then we lay that bet off so it can’t lose. Then we get our free bet for free. We can then use some clever maths that allows us to make a profit from every free bet we unlock.

We don’t need to know the maths as the software does all the for us. So basically you just have to spend some time placing bets every day. It’s pretty fun and adds a little interest to the sports on TV and because you always win it becomes pretty addicive. The extra money I have made from this has allowed me to keep all my hobbies and even start some new ones. So I reverted on my plan to tighten my belt and instead I have let it out again.

Maybe in the future when budgets are less tight the Tops will make a glorious return and we can all enjoy their hard work and professionalism once again. We can but dream. In the mean time get yourself a hobby that stops you from shutting up shop on your passions.¬† You won’t regret it, I guarantee it.